East Africa’s Leisure & Tourism Industry has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world. As the countries are busy knitting their socio-economic fabric, there is a growing middle class that wants to rise to the challenge and show the world what Africa has to offer.

Many East African governments have instituted policies, regulations and incentives that aim to propel the domestic tourism service industry to higher levels and encourage international exchange of business practices in supporting sectors.

The mission of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures is to bring the African spirit and history to life by creating a chain of tourism hubs and connecting infrastructure that spans from the North to the South of the African continent. The Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’ master plan encompasses the 14 countries along the historical road traveled by King Solomon.

Each country’s tourist network will be designed according to a fixed blueprint that consists of a mix of family villages, recreational harbors and cultural/natural experience parks. This, together with a scalable franchise formula, will not only ensure impact through replicability but also offer a unique tourism experience. That is Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’ value proposition.