Advisory Board

Meet our Advisory Board, wise men and women who provide non-binding strategic advice to us. At Ubuntu Impact Investments we jokingly call them ‘Our Elders’, after the independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights, founded by Nelson Mandela.

Research shows effective tourism enterprises often feature a diverse advisory board that offers strong leadership and governance. Advisory boards
of industry leaders typically feature 7 to 10 members of diverse business backgrounds who can easily adapt a region’s tourism strategy to changing economic and demographic trends.

We believe we have an advisory board capable of giving us the necessary guidance when and where needed.

stef-schreuder-zwStef Schreuder

Member of the Board
Sustainable Business Development Consultant

After his training as a horticultural engineer and several years of experience as a business teacher, Stef started a business specialized in national and international software services for horticulture. After years of experience as a director, as interim manager with a variety of commercial and non-commercial organizations ad as a researcher at the Wageningen University and Research, Stef worked as director of a consultancy company specialized in greenhouse horticulture and developed large scale sustainable projects in the Balkan and Africa.

morag-beersMorag Beers

Member of the Board
Global Real Estate Manager

RICS-qualified, international real estate investment, development & management professional with broad base of commercial real estate experience in both localized and international settings. Solid appreciation of commercial, legal, financial, urban planning and practical considerations in non-core real estate investment, development & management across many sectors. Experience in corporate, private and government sectors, in mixed professional project teams and joint ventures. Chosen personal focus has been on non-core, distressed and emerging markets.

nanneke-den-daas-zwNanke den Daas

Member of the Board
CEO Den Daas Group

After graduating from University of Utrecht and INSEAD, Nanke also graduated form University of Amsterdam on Culture, Organsiation and Management. Nowadays Nanke is involved in Amazing Zambia,  a novel tourism programme that seeks to merge tourism with rural development and nature conservation. Nanke is CEO of the Den Daas Group, a private company focusing on development, acquisition and exploitation of high-quality recreational and leisure projects such as marinas in the Netherlands and abroad.

pieter-coens-zw Pieter Coens

Member of the Board
Financial manager

Experienced people and finance manager at Family vacation parks and leisure ventures. Former manager at Landal Greenparks, a chain of family vacation parks in Europe.

Ulric TaylorUlric Taylor

Member of the Board
Director at PwC

Ulric was born and raised in South Africa, but has been living with his family in Amsterdam since 2009. He has worked in various business development, strategy & corporate finance roles in South Africa, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Russia and many interesting places in between. He holds degrees in Business Administration, Journalism and the Arts.