Who we are

“Poverty can be alleviated through aid, but will only be eliminated through trade, investment and growth. And it is trade and investment that will support the dynamism and enterprise of people in Sub-Saharan Africa and give them the jobs, dignity and opportunity that they deserve.” Bob Geldof, founder of 8 Miles.

We are Ubuntu Impact Investments

Ubuntu Impact Investments is an impact investment company. We are constantly looking for viable business opportunities in Africa’s tourism infrastructure space. We strongly believe scalability and partnerships play an important role in positively impacting the regions and environments in which we operate.

The Team

Each member of our highly dedicated and energetic team brings in a different field of expertise. Each with a complementary skill set. Each also contributing to the diversity of our team, which we highly value. Be it enjoying a game of footy together during a lunch break or launching a book on the African way of thinking. We applaud diversity and keep finding ways to leverage our corporate culture that is ubuntu.


Although we are quite serious in aiming for market rate returns for our investors, we are even more serious from a risk perspective. We aim to always find the best ways to identify, assess, and prioritize the risks we take. From contracts with local ‘Food & Beverage’-partners to a long term view on the tourism space in Africa.

We strongly believe measuring impact is vital to keep track on delivering the targetted non-financial returns. Our partner Sustainalize is a Dutch consultancy and interim management firm, specialised in sustainability. They will help us measure and monetise the impact of our projects and ventures. We both are dead-serious when it comes to measuring impact.

Join us

We welcome you to explore our site. Get to know us. We are always looking for like-minded partners. So, interested in one of our ventures or just want to discuss the investment space in Sub Saharan Africa? Reach out to us. Great minds think alike. And great minds like a think. We are Ubuntu Impact Investments.

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