» The Brand Ubuntopia®

Ubuntopia tells cultural stories from emerging markets in a modern magical way. It is a brand striving to have a meaningful impact while inspiring a sense of pride in cultural identities.

Ubuntopia is about creating family edutainment and happiness, about sharing cultural stories and undergoing overwhelming experiences together.

Ubuntopia connects people of all ages. Based on a rich cultural heritage of ancient oral stories, we offer exciting modern family entertainment.
The mythical adventures create lifelong memories that ultimately promote cultural pride.

At Ubuntopia, we are driven by the principles of empowerment, diversity, ecologic, equality, connectivity, respect and Ubuntu.

Ubuntopia‘s business-model is build on IP characters – legendary stories – theater shows – merchandise – movies – games – (VR) app’s – etc. to end up in:

Cultural Experience Parks & Themed Residential Family Villages


The meaning of Ubuntopia


“I am because we are”

Ubuntu is an African philosophy articulating what it means to be humane.

The Ubuntu spirit “I am because we are” guides how human beings should live in a society.

Famous practitioners of the Ubuntu philosophy include Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Ellen Sirleaf and Barack Obama.

Ubuntu makes use of the wisdom of ancestors to solve modern issues.


The ideal world

Utopia is a sketch of an ideal society that serves as an aspiration for existing societies.

In spite of (or perhaps, because of) its unattainable nature, this fantasy world has endured in myths, dreams, desires, and the development plans of many.


There are stories longing to be told…

A combination of the words Úbuntu’and ‘Utopia’ forms the word Ubuntopia®; an African philosophy and a construct of tomorrow’s society.

With keywords such as cultural heritage, escapism, edutainment, fun and ‘I exist because of we’, Ubuntopia creates valuable leisure experiences.