Key Investment Considerations

High-Growth Market

The Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’ master plan focuses on East Africa, which is a large growth market, as concluded by the WEF, World Bank and African Development Bank. African emerging markets are designated as a solid and sustainable base for further growth in years to come. The Ubuntopia’s master plan encompasses in fact all countries in Africa with a more then average growing Middle Class.

Tourism Industry’s Momentum

According to the G20 announcement, Tourism is one of the largest Sectors in the world and, due to its forecasted growth, will attract major investments in the years to come. The United Nations 70th General Assembly had designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development in which we transformed our investments from Projects into Brands.

Safety & Political Stability

Reports by the IMF show that a majority of the targeted countries in East Africa are politically stable. Studies from PWC examine ten African countries as the next places-to-be, offering enormous potential for strategic investors, especially in the transportation and logistics sector.

Unique Brand Positioning

With its unrivaled, diversified service offering, the Ubuntopia and Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’ brand lives up to the standards of Africa’s rising middle class as well as the foreign business and leisure traveler. The facilities and service offerings have a family focus and are designed along the storylines of King Solomon’s travels.

Diversification of the Offering

Investors may prefer to invest in one or several Cultural Experience Parks and/or Residential Family Villages or choose to invest in the connecting infrastructure instead. Diversification and optionality is an important feature to balance the portfolio and reduce risk.

Sustainable Economic Development

The UN World Tourism Organization confirms that tourism development works as an engine to develop other sectors in emerging markets. The Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’ brand is uniquely positioned to contribute to the SDG’s due to the replicability and scalability of the master plan.

Boost in Regional Employment

It’s part of both Ubuntopia’s and Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’ master plan to actively involve local business partners and communities in its projects, thereby generating at least 10.000 direct and indirect jobs.

Experienced Management

The projects are developed and carried out in collaboration with a pool of business experts, academia, local investors and experienced entrepreneurs. These parties share an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Integrated Approach of People, Planet, Profit, Pleasure & Passion

“People, Planet & Profit” are crucial elements in 21st-century entrepreneurship. Pleasure” stands for projects in Leisure & Tourism. “Passion” has been added because that’s simply the way we work: with our heart and mind.