GreenDream Academy

» The Ubuntopia® Brand Academy

GreenDreamAcademy is the sophisticated Brand Academy for the Brand Ubuntopia®:

    • She aims to give a quality boost to tourism in Africa by developing onsite vocational training business in a divesified working field;
    • She provides vocational training for employees and contractors of both Brands and by doing so contribute to sustainable development of economies in emerging countries;
    • She wants to raise the quality of service up to a level that’s needed to fully exploit the potential of the growing Leisure & Tourism Industry in Africa.

GreenDreamAcademy focuses on training, research and consultancy in sustainable development of tourism destinations. Together with the local Franchisee we examine how the talent of (potential) employees can be unlocked in order to offer tourism and hospitality services of sufficient quality.

GreenDreamAcademy develops customized training courses in the fields of leisure & hospitality, tourism entrepreneurship, leadership, maintenance and management, marketing, communication, business skills and training for employees of subcontractors that are crucial in the overall value of a tourist company.

In the end the vocational training will contribute to the breadth of sustainable development of local communities. Green Dream Academy assesses projects on the contribution to equality, diversity and prosperity of the community in the area where the project in question is located.

You will find more information on the website of GreenDreamAcademy