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Africa is in a period of transition. This transition is driven by entrepreneurship. At this point in history, startup entrepreneurship has become the fastest way of creating value on the continent. It is the most sustainable way of catalyzing the continent’s economies.

With an abundance of “cheap money” floating around but struggling to generate real value, we have committed ourselves to a very interesting challenge: making Africa the better destination.

Investing in Africa is no longer just a philanthropic activity. There is huge business potential in many parts of Africa. And while African countries are busy knitting their socio-economic fabric, there is a growing African middle class taking center stage, eager to show the world what Africa has to offer.

By means of  the brand Ubuntopia® we offer the African rising middle class the opportunity to join us and live up to their potential. We offer the foreign visitor a journey of leisure, entertainment and above all, inspiration.

Our blueprint, the so-called 360 degrees model which is also used by Disney, contains IP-characters, Storylines, Movies, Games, Merchandise, etc., finally resulting in physical Cultural Experience Parks, & Residential Family Villages on the African Continent.

A well thought and scalable license concept will offer a unique 21st century tourism experience throughout Africa.

Our portfolio approach provides flexibility while our hybrid mix of investment instruments cover a suite of different risk-return profiles for investors. Whether you are an institutional investor mainly interested in infrastructure and real estate, a private investor madly in love with our cultural experience parks, or a family office interested in the master plan, we welcome you to explore the opportunities we offer and get to know us.

We encourage you to read our Ubuntopia Information Tease. Please also feel free to request other information that might by of interest, like our pitch deck or investment strategy.

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The team of Ubuntu Impact Investments

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