Individual Projects


Per country within the Solomon’s Hidden Treasures brand we have identified 5 areas to be developed with a Family Village + entertainment:

  • one major location in or near the Capital with a Cultural Experience Park and a Theme Resort
  • one location in a National Park with a Game Resort
  • three locations in or around a big lake with a Port Resort

For more detailed information and status quo of the individual projects please visit the website of the management organisation:

Within the blueprints set for the Afican route of national networks of locations, the individual settings then very much dictate the style of their own design. In each case, the landscape sets the scene from which Ubuntu Impact Investments are inspired to create buildings and facilities which are in synergy with their locations, whether that be a dramatic rocky landscape or a peaceful lake view.


2817_Rwanda Mbabara Island_booklet_v10_Page_07

In each, the main building is created to reflect the royal architecture of its location, constructed from local materials, sourced without causing damage to the environment. The natural and historical heritage dictates a wide range of sometimes quirky designs, each of which is created to provide the same high standards of design, construction and comfort.  And linked by its role in the story of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures.

The Cultural Experience Parks in the Capitals have exclusively designed buildings and modern attractions of high standard in quality and safety.