Investing in Experience Parks

We, at Ubuntu Impact Investments, invest in the Experience Parks developed by GreenDreamCompany; we believe with them in making the largest possible impact in new and upcoming markets by investing in hospitality and real estate that brings big opportunities for investors..

Interested in investing in new Experience parks?

The Experience Parks are scalable, the concept adapts to any country: telling the legends and cultural stories, showing the highlights of the region in a pleasant and natural setting. Through government commitment and finding optimum cooperation with local stakeholders, this means lower risk and an interesting ROI for investors who are seeking mid- or longterm capital investments.

Our investors know Africa! 
You know Africa has it’s challenges but also has a booming economy.
You want to be part of the opportunities that comes with it. A global orientated, colourful person or company, willing to share his network.  Our ideal investor has a business approach but is dedicated to these ventures. He or she understands that investing in people and nature is part of the deal. He/she must appreciate a sense of belonging.

Please watch this video to get a feeling on how we want to make a difference.