Make Africa a better tourist destination

Make Africa The Better Destination

Why should you invest with us in Africa?

Our passionate curiosity about other cultures led us to Africa.  We  quickly realized that our image of Africa was not entirely accurate. Certainly, there is poverty, but there is also something else: Hope, passion and ambition, a very rich culture and … lot’s of business opportunities.

Leisure, hospitality and tourism industry  is responsible for most of the gross national product of these countries. It’s the first sector that opens the window to the world and it creates a wind of change. Not only in the Capital, but also in rural areas.  It generates many jobs, skilled and unskilled , it makes people able to look with different eyes, being proud on their environment.  And , so important, reinforces a climate of positive image on the world stage.  And of course, investments in hospitality and real estate bring big opportunities for our investors. This is why we, at Ubuntu Impact Investments, have developed a specialism in this wide industry.

We do believe in value driven business for development.

So will you join us?
And make Africa the better destination!