National Infrastructure


Each country along the route of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures
features the same range of developments:

  • A Capital City
  • Great Lakes & Waterfronts
  • National & Natural Parks

All locations selected are of worthy historical value and connected to the story of King Solomon. Transport between the destinations is provided locally in partnerships between Ubuntu Impact Investments and local enterprises to provide boat, jeep, airplane or seaplane connections. In each country, we work closely with government organizations to ensure we can embrace the best each country has to offer our investments.

Tourism Industry System

Capital City: the Capital City locations provide holiday accommodation, culturally themed entertainment parks and visitor centers.

Great Lakes & Waterfronts: the Great Lake and Waterfront developments are situated on island, waterfront or peninsula locations. They provide holiday accommodation with restaurants, swimming pools, retail and entertainment and water-based activities.

National and Natural Park: the National and Natural Park locations provide the more tranquil locations appreciating their natural surroundings, with minimal impact on their environments and wildlife.