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Feel royal, stay a while between the legends and stories

The thematic Residential Family Villages of the Brand “Ubuntopia® Family Villages” are linked to the Cultural Experience Parks under the same Brand “Ubuntopia® Parks”. The thematic designs will become 4**** landmarks which will convert the unique experience of the day into the evening and night.

The architectural designs will be impressive ,thematic and royal, but with regional influences. It’s thé place where families and other guest can stay a bit longer in the world of legends and stories by spending one or more nights overnight within thematic luxury. Businesspeople can meet in the ‘chique’ thematic restaurant, and use the meeting facilities.

Part of the brand “Ubuntopia®”

The Residential Family Villages are part of a new brand “Ubuntopia”, exclusively developed by GreenDreamCompany for upcoming markets.

Not just a hotel, not just a conference place, but a  thematic and inspiring residential Family Village, a place for families to relax and walk freely into the Cultural Experience Park as much as they like during their stay.

All are located nearby capital cities.

At this moment there are more Ubuntopia® Residential Family Villages under devolopment, connected to Ubuntopia® Cultural Experience Parks,  in several countries.

Dutch standard

The Netherlands have a big expertise and history in thematic Residential Family Villages, connected to Theme Parks. This investment opportunity will be developed and being build based on Dutch expertise and standards of safety and experience.

Partner/Investor Profile

Our ideal partner/investor for this investment opportunity knows Africa. He knows Africa has it’s challenges but also has its booming economies. He/she knows the Africans top destination countries with a booming economy and an excellent investment climate.

He/she wants to be part of the opportunities that comes with it. A global orientated, colourful person or company, willing to share his or her network.  Our ideal investor has a business approach but is dedicated to this inclusive venture; understanding that investing in assets, people, education and nature is part of the deal. He/she must appreciate a sense of belonging.

Why you should invest in this opportunity?

Good projects have good returns. Also this project has an IRR of over 20% and due to the fact that this project is connected to the Cultural Experience Park, the impact is high!.

Interested? Want  more information?

Receive more information about investment opportunities by sending an email too: info@ubuntu-impact-investments.com