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Ubuntu Impact Investments sees a strong market for Experience Parks in upcoming markets. The unique EXPERIENCE of a CULTURE, in that regard, will make a visit to a Cultural Experience Park not only very informative but lifechanging. For this reason we organize a blended Finance for the Brand “Ubuntopia®” developed by GreenDreamCompany.

“Ubuntopia®”: Where history and future meet

The Cultural Experience Park is  where all the legendary and historical stories and legends of a Region come alive in a thrilling and exciting park experience that meets modern demands.

The theme of this Cultural Experience Park will be: Being happy together”. Becoming a new meeting point for citizens, visitors and tourists, to relax and enjoy.

Situated within less then an hour drive from the Capital, the Cultural Experience Park is the place where legendary historical stories in combination with the present highlights of the Region will come alive.

“Ubuntopia® Family Villages”: Thematic Residential Family Villages next to “Ubuntopia® Parks”

The Cultural Experience Park is part of a new brand, exclusively developed by GreenDreamCompany, for upcoming markets. Not based on the American model of theme Parks,  not based on the traditional concept of a museum, but based upon a mix of history, and fantasy with stories and scripts that are like a exciting novel. They offer the audience edutainment, storytelling based on cultural heritage,  theatre, shows. They offer life changing experiences.

Next  to the Ubuntopia Theme Parks, Thematic Residential Family Village offer thematic shops, pubs, restaurants and hotel facilities.

There are several Cultural Experience Parks an Residential Family Villages in development in different countries on the African Continent.

Dutch standard

The Netherlands have a big expertise and history in theme park development. The Cultural Experience Parks  Ubuntopia and Residential Family Villages of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are developed and being build based on Dutch expertise and standard.

Partner/Investor Profile

Our ideal partner/investor for this investment opportunity knows Africa. He knows Africa has it’s challenges but also has it’s booming economies. He/she knowsabout Africa’s top destination countries with a booming economy and an excellent investment climate.
He/she wants to be part of the opportunities that comes with it. A global orientated, colourful person or company, willing to share his or her network.  Our ideal investor has a business approach but is dedicated to this inclusive venture; understanding that investing in assets, people, education and nature is part of the deal. He/she must appreciate a sense of belonging.

Why you should invest in this Cultural Experience park

Good projects have good returns. Also this project has an IRR of over 20% and due to the fact that this project is connected to the Cultural Experience Park, the impact is high!.

Please see the animation movie about the impact of Experience Parks.

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