Ubuntu Impact Investments


Sustainable impact investments

Ubuntu Impact Investments is GreenDreamCompany’s investment vehicle, established to create economic growth and local employment in Africa, and attractive long-term commercial returns for investors.

Ubuntu Impact Investments invest in the development and operation of a network of high quality tourist destinations, branded as Solomon’s Hidden Treasures, along the route of King Solomon’s travels in Africa. The family villages with accompanying leisure, located across 15 countries, are diverse and include tourist estates, eco-zones, cultural heritage and experience projects, theatres and event locations.

The key to each individual development is its appreciation of and integration into its local community and environment. For the provision of vital resources such as building materials, the training and provision of staff, and supplies of fresh produce and services, Ubuntu Impact Investments looks to and supports the capacities of their local African communities.


GreenDreamAcademy and GreenDreamFoundation provide training and resources to help the local ventures grow and flourish as they play their role in the establishment of the facilities created by Ubuntu Impact Investments