Creating Value


Ubuntu Impact Investments generate value by creating a portfolio of sustainable investment projects.

We develop and invest in integrated high quality, upper-middle class tourism estates and ecozones, cultural heritage projects, Cultural Experience Parks, theaters and event locations. We invest first and foremost where a commercial return for investors is viable. And where the benefits extend beyond these initial returns.

Financial returns are generated from the sale of completed investments and/or the income produced by retained investments. Each investment is carefully assessed, with the potential risks in each case being given appropriate consideration. Our experience and networks within the region, make us well placed to work within the broad range of jurisdictions and business cultures across the region. In each case, we take specialist advice on all local matters pertinent to the success of an investment.

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Beyond creating returns for investors, our investments open opportunities for local people to create support employment since the developments require the generation of local capacity within tourism value chains. We embrace this integrated activity. As we are investing most often as a ground breaking investor, these local services are not established.

Additional visitors create the need for additional investment and job creation in activities such as: improved local transport systems for access by air, water and land; well-trained leisure industry staff; the provision of high quality, locally produced fresh produce. We see it as an integral part of our investments to ensure that this capacity is able to develop, which we do in part through the work of the GreenDreamAcademy and GreenDreamFoundation.

We also invest in local and related sustainable projects commercial, humanitarian, charitable and non-profit (public interest) sectors.